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Services that we offer

Corporate Designing: having spent years in IT sector, we know what makes business flourish. Without an attractive website a business may miss out on various opportunities. A powerful and attractive website is most definitely the key ingredient for success. Our services include Corporate Designing where we officially design company’s website making it attractive. It demands professionalism as the key element. The look, color, theme, font, style, pattern of the website designed retain professionalism. We aim at providing best services and use of latest technology. With our professional and attractive designs, sophistication and efficiency can be ensured. Our services can be customized to meet the varied needs of our clients ensuring complete satisfaction.

Small Business Designing: our services are not just constrained to huge business. We consider small business too. We take pride in rendering world class services to small firms and help them flourish. Designing e commerce websites for small business providing precise information regarding delivery and dispatch of items.

WordPress Website and Blog Designing: we not only excel in designing attractive website but designing blogs is our specialist too. We offer attractive and beautiful WordPress Themes and Blogger Themes and amazing templates. We provide design options that suit all sorts of budgets to meet the needs of each and every client.

E-Commerce Designing: when it comes to designing E-Commerce Websites, pragnakiran is the best! With a qualified team at your disposal, the outcome will be beyond imagination. It provides services, layouts, designs and marketing services that ensure success online. Be it product display, payment details or information regarding delivery of the products pragnakiran takes care of everything.

Logo and Banner Designing : it takes care of your company’s logo as well as banner giving your firm a dramatically unique appearance. It designs beautiful and attractive company logos and banners providing unique themes and patterns making it eye catchy which attracts attention as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Landing Page Designing: the company designs attractive and easy to use landing page featuring the items on sale for wide publicity. It links the landing page with all social media like Facebook, takes up email campaigns to ensure the company gets maximum response.

Mobile Website Designing: we at pragnakiran design beautiful customized mobile websites keeping mobile viewer in mind. We provide customized services to suit your marketing requirements and target your market niche.

Website Redesigning: we even provide resigning facilities to increase customer counts and make business healthy. We aim in making the design user friendly and provide guidelines regarding all the key aspects. Our designs are attractive yet simple to operate.

pragnakiran is most definitely the best IT sector based company that provides world class web designing and web development services. While doing business with this firm, success is guaranteed because we depend on our research that what clients currently want to see. With pragnakiran, highly audience related designing will be possible to have thus it increases your chances to success.