About Us

We are Pragna Kiran Netsol Private Limited, We introduce ourselves as a leading ISP as well as networking & cloud communication solutions company in India with more experience in IP connectivity in networking industry with the objective of providing total solutions to the IT users.

We are having organized technical team to provide efficient and expert services and are continuously enriched with technical updates. There is an emphatic accent on service and it runs through the entire organization’s operation.

We are backed by a powerful set of network engineers and employees. When it comes to wireless internet provider, we are the best. We provide wireless internet, hotspot creation, Wi-Fi automation for hospitals schools organizations office etc.

We take care of your Cloud & Hosting needs —from infrastructure and technology to global deployment,speed, security, and support—so you’re free to explore new ideas and focus on business performance.

Self-reliance with a flexible approach has played a key role in our success over the years.

Every aspect of the company’s functioning is addressed to the customer’s needs and requirements. We believe in staying close to the customers and assisting them in completely utilizing their computing resources, increasing productivity, optimizing on the resources sharing, identifying and planning the information technology needs.